Being a Whistleblower

Truth has a cost. Pressure, blackmail, loneliness, this investigation that looks like a psychological thriller reveals what it costs to expose an international scandal.

This is the story of Raphael Halet along with another man, Antoine Deltour, an ordinary French citizen who leaked ultra confidential documents to investigative reporter Edouard Perrin. The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists managed to access the same documents. They are the source of a planetary scoop: the LuxLeaks. It reveals secret deals from Luxembourg, allowing many international companies to slash their global tax bills while maintaining little presence in the tiny European Duchy. For many months Raphaël Halet’s dramatic story remained secret. Journalist and film director Benoît Bringer, a member of the PanamaPapers international team, reveals for the first time the incredible pressures Raphael Halet  underwent. State secrets, manipulations cliffhanger, Benoit Bringer had access to all the documents and met all the protagonists.

This documentary also shows the lack of protection for whistleblowers who must assume all risks and face alone the power of states and multinationals.