New Journalism, Old Journalism

In this short documentary, made mostly with the money of its makers, the film examines the struggle of the city’s traditional newspapers (symbolized by the newspaper Diário do Povo) to survive in a world that seems to be bound to be inherited by on-line websites.

In Teresina, capital city of Piauí, a revolution in journalism seems to be happening. The film features interviews with four journalists including the new owner of the Diário, an idealist young entrepreneur, who as a former owner of a news portal turned newspaper editor, has unquestionable faith in the future of print journalism, while the others don’t share his enthusiasm.

An owner of a news portal believes in the future of web journalism; one journalist is divided between the dream of her own media vehicle and her love for newspapers, while another is convinced that web and print journalism can exist hand in hand.

How all these different visions can exist in the small city of Teresina, in the backlands of Brazil, is the main question of this documentary.