04. 11. @ 10:00 | Panel discussion: The Panama Papers

The Panama Papers, a series of stories using a collaboration of more than 300 reporters on six continents won this year’s Pulitzer prize for Explanatory Reporting for exposing the offshore links of some of the globe’s most prominent figures.

Our festival guests Benoit Bringer and Alessia Cerantola were among the vast team lead by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists which investigated 11.5 million leaked documents.

What are the biggest revelations of the The Panama Papers? How did it influence the public opinion about the politicians and other rich and famous people that hid their money in tax havens? These are just some of the questions that we will discuss on the panel dedicated to this incredible journalistic achievement.

Speakers: Alessia Cerantola, Benoit Bringer, Kristina Ozimec

Moderator: Kristina Ozimec