The Boss

The film seeks answers to the question How to become a boss in Croatia.

Ljudevit Juričan has worked in Konzum for 40 years. He was a peer with his long-time employer, Ivica Todoric, only 11 days apart. Both finished high school at Kennedy Square in Zagreb, and got their first children in 1976. – Ivica Todoric’s daughter Iva and Ljudevit Juričan’s son Dario.
Dario wanted to make an interview with his father’s employer, but Ivica Todoric refused. Dario, the filmmaker, was left with nothing else but to gather answers.

In October 2017, Croatia’s state prosecutor has issued an arrest warrant for Ivica Todoric, the founder of troubled food and retail conglomerate Agrokor who is under investigation along with other top managers for alleged financial irregularities at the company. Todoric and 12 other former executives at Agrokor, including his two sons, as well as two people from a local auditing firm which was handling Agrokor’s financial reports, are under investigation for “breach of trust in business deals and forgery of official documents.”

Todoric’s whereabouts is currently unknown.

Agrokor, the biggest Croatian private firm with around 60,000 staff across the Balkans, was put into state-run administration in April after suffering a liquidity and debt crisis.