Barbara Schiavulli

war correspondent

Barbara Schiavulli is an award-winning freelance war correspondent who has reported from Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Palestine, Pakistan, Yemen and Sudan. Her writing, very much focused on people’s stories, has been published in the Italian dailies Il Fatto Quotidiano, la Repubblica, Avvenire and the weekly L’Espresso.

She is co-founder of the radio programme Radio Bullets. She has also contributed to Radio 24, Radio RAI, Radio Popolare, Radio Svizzera Italiana and on TV (RAI, RAI News 24, Sky TG24, LA7, TV Svizzera Italiana).

She is the author of the books Le farfalle non muoiono in cielo (Butterflies don’t die in the sky, 2005), Guerra e Guerra (War and War, 2009), La guerra dentro (The war inside, 2013) and Bulletproof Diaries. Storie di una reporter di guerra (Bulletproof Diaries. Tales of a war correspondent, 2016) and her latest Quando muoio, lo dico a Dio, storie di ordinario estremismo (When I die, I’m telling God: stories of ordinary extremism, 2017).

Her base is Rome and she always travels with a pink trolley.