Saska Cvetkovska

Investigative journalist

Saska Cvetkovska is the investigative editor at NOVA TV, Macedonia and a member of the cross border platform for investigative reporters Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting ProjectOCCRP.

Cvetkovska is a leading investigative reporter in Macedonia with more than 10 domestic and regional awards.

As an advocate for media transparency she is part of the team behind Mediapedia, the database of Macedonian media ownership. Cvetkovska is the co-author of the research Spooks and Spins: Information war in the Balkans, and currently works on testing ideas and finding solutions that help addressing the impact of propaganda and strengthen the impact of real journalism as an essential tool for fighting misinformation.

In the past years Macedonian investigative reporter Saska Cvetkovska worked on series of national and cross-border investigations that exposed corruption, espionage and trade of influence in the global information wars. She was working on topics such as propaganda and misinformation and their connections with grand corruption as new tools used to threaten democracies.

Many of the stories that Cvetkovska broke were researched while she and her team were under constant threats, attacks, and long term surveillance and years long wiretapped communications by the Macedonian government.

Her work appeared in the Guardian, BuzzFeed, Der Standard and other global media leading outlets.